a detailed look at punjabi juttis

Introduction to Traditional Indian Footwear

What are Mojaris and what are Juttis? In this article we will talk about traditional Indian footwear for males and females common mainly in North India.

What Is Punjabi Jutti

Jutti is an Urdu word for a shoe with a closed upper attached to a sole. Punjabi Jutti was a part of the royalty of the Kings for 400 years and is traditionally embroidered on leather in real gold or silver threads. From footwear of daily wear to weddings to religious occasions, to parties and festivals, this mojaris – (another name of Punjabi Jutti) provide an essential ethnic appeal to the person wearing them.

no difference between left and right

Being the Royal city, Rajasthan became the hub of Punjabi Jutti in the past. From then onwards Juttis were first patronized by the Mughals and were made popular amongst the kings and the queens. These Juttis originated from the state of Rajasthan in their peculiar designs embellished with various stones, fine gems, and pearls. The style of Juttis back then was far more ornate and rich in texture and design. Embellished with various stones, fine gems, and pearls, they used to give a complete royal look. However, with the passage of time, this mojaris gained a lot of popularity in Punjab as well. There they underwent various changes and came with some amazing innovations.

Innovation Of Style within Traditional Indian Footwear

Embroidered and adorned with beads

The making of Jutti is a tedious process that goes from involving people from different communities from Chamaars – who process the raw material to Rangaars – who paint it and then the Mochis – who assemble the pieces together. Then these Juttis were brought to the markets for sale in showrooms and to various vendors.

Embroidery involves the use of stencils, for cutting and tracing designs on to the leather parts of the shoes. They range from simple cut-out shapes to be filled with simple embroidery, to intricate punches, weaves, and embroidered designs.

Uniqueness Of Mojaris

One of the unique features of this handcrafted footwear is that it has no left or the right side distinction and can be worn on any foot of choice. Being worn by women of Punjab on any occasion, it is the most comfortable and stylish flat-soled footwear found by them. Its extensive embroidery contains the rich heritage of Punjab. 

Hand-crafted with threads or beads, it also has slightly different variations particularly for men, which are known as Khussa or Mojri. People prefer wearing them on traditional occasions like weddings. Along with traditional dresses like sherwani or kurta Pajama, Juttis form the quintessential accessory. Available easily outside Hall Bazaar, one can shop for as many as they want and take back this rich souvenir of the land along.

You might be surprised but traditional Indian footwear is very common and highly respected even in modern fashion in India.

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