Who is the Desi and who is the Firangan?

RAJKAUR & Michelle

Desi = Local (Rajkaur) & Firangan = Foreigner (Michelle)

Two difficult women who met during difficult times was a match made in heaven. We fight a lot and its not all cotton candies! But we both compliment each other in the best possible way.

We work and fight together to make a beautiful artwork craft visible to plenty. We love the traditional Indian blockprint technique but I (Michelle) was not able to wear it when visiting Europe because the cuts were too Indian. And while Indian fashion is beautiful, it is not very practical for European daily life. And that is when we put our hands together and started working on something more relatable. That is how our brand DesiFiragnan was born!

All our products are 100% cotton and we use natural colors. We minimize waste and work only based on orders. Our team is just the two of us and we have a very individual approach to each piece.

We are happy that you joined our journey.

RajKaur is the Desi half

The ritual of wearing something that takes us on a journey full of ancient art, craft and origins of design

— Michelle Leskovska, Co-founder