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It’s a space for women who have a passion for traveling, entrepreneurship and out of the comfort zone lifestyle. The platform was created to inspire women to explore, travel and create together. It started when we founded a school for children in Amritsar, India and since then it grew through various of spectrums such as vlogging, fashion and social entrepreneurship.

1. Fashion: The fashion line is hand-made by widowed mothers in Amritsar, India who united to create and amazing new opportunity for female entrepreneurship. We export to mainly to India and Europe with the vision to expand to Japan and Australia.

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2. Vlog/Blog: We vlog to teach and inspire about various hidden gems in India. We want to break stereotypes, raise awareness about challenges and help solo travelers discovering India from various perspectives.

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3. Lifestyle: We conduct talks and workshops in India and in Europe about solo traveling and entrepreneurship in India  to bring India closer to the curious minds.

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Ram Tirath Amritsar
The place where Ramayana epic was written by/ the great Valmiki. A hidden gem in Amritsar, India