Cotton indigo fabric floral orient (5meters)




This traditional cotton indigo fabric with floral orient print is absolutely unique! It is made using the ancient Indian block-print technique and 100% cotton fabric. 

Application: curtain, tablecloth, pillow, bags, all kind of handcraft etc.

Notice: Every process of this fabric is done by hand.

The pattern and color might be a little bit different from picture. There might be a little color fade in the first few washes hence please follow our wash instructions! It is recommended to hand wash with a neutral detergent and cold water only. Please never dry in direct sun.


The Process of Dabu Printing starts with the preparation of mud resist.

The dug out mud from the dry pond is soaked in water in a separate tank overnight. The mud resist is freshly prepared before every printing. A special mixture along with mud are doughed to make a sticky paste. The mud resist being applied onto the fabrics using wood blocks. To quickly dry the paste, sawdust is being applied to places where the mud resist is printed. The saw dust also acts as a binder which prevents color penetration while dyeing. The application of mud resist onto the fabric is followed by dyeing the fabric in a cauldron of dye. The process may be repeated for double dabu and triple dabu and hence forth. After every dyeing the fabric is thoroughly washed so as to remove the mud application. Finally the non dyed part where the resist has been applied is revealed after the washing. some of the color penetrates onto the fabric caused by mud cracking. The result is veining which gives it a very natural like look to the fabric.

Sources of Inspiration:

Traditional Daboo designs and motifs are very similar to the motifs used in all traditional Rajasthani textiles, since the ‘blocks’ used for printing are common to most of these techniques. They tend to be nature inspired designs of plants, birds, flowers, fruits as well as artistic ethnic motifs.

Style & Variety:

Daboo printing is used to create a lot of different designs and patterns. This includes varieties of colors and motifs

Colors and dyes:

Traditional daboo prints are made with natural dyes like kashish (grey-brown) and indigo (blue), as well as yellows and reds derived from fruits like pomegranate. Today a lot more color options are available to artisans since they are no longer restricted to vegetable dyes and can use synthetic dyes as well. Fabrics can also be dyed more than once, creating the double dabu and triple dabu effect with a richer, more colorful look.

Care Instructions:

Only hand wash in cold water. Hang to dry. Indigo fabrics tend to contain excess dye so its highly recommended to soak the fabric in cold water for an hour and rinse till water runs clear. Do not sun dry. Hot iron on the reversed side.

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